Makeup Monday’s – Haul

Well hello again it’s nice to see you twice in the same day! Lol anyhoo I thought I would ease myself into this blogging year and start off with a what I got for Christmas/Birthday (as my birthday was yesterday I got some makeup bits then as well) makeup sorta haul … like not a full on showing you everything I got but just showing you the make up bits and my first impressions as I have used most of it once or twice.

So here goes…

  • Rimmel London Lasting Finish 25hr Foundation – Shade 100 Ivory – £7.99


Best foundation I have ever used, it’s a good coverage and actually last for the whole day don’t know about 25hrs but it lasts for many hours lol. Plus it actually matches my skin tone as I have been trying to get a foundation as pale as me for so long and it finally is!!! Super value for money as well. 😄

  • Rimmel London Lasting Finsh Primer – £6.99


I’m late onto the primer boat as this is my first and I have to say it actually has a recognisable difference … The foundation just seems to go on better and last way longer and not cling to problem areas! Overall wish I found primers a long time ago! Will defo repurchase this!

  • Rimmel London Stay Matte Powder – Shade 005 silky beige – £3.99


This is an old favourite that I asked to get a replancent for my last one which was basically pan and nothing else as I had used it that much! Just love it as it keeps my makeup in place and I don’t look oily and shinny 😁

  • Rimmel London BB Cream 9-in-1 – Shade Light – £6.99


Not used this yet but I’m super excited to as I think it will be an easier alternative to foundation everyday for school!

  • Rimmel London Exaggerate Eye Liner – Shade 003 Black – £5.29


Can’t even describe how much I love this! Im teerrribbbllleeee at eye liner and this just makes me 100% better! And it’s water proof and stays on all day!

  • Maybelline New York Fit Me! Concealer – Shade 10 – £5.99


I have used this once and it’s not too bad cover blemishes but is terrible under eye and it’s sort of my shade but it’s a bit orangey we shall see in time if it grows on me…

  • Maybelline New York Browdrama – Shade Dark Blonde – £4.99


Not used this yet but I have heard sooooo many good things that I can’t wait to get my brows done and finally use it 😆

  • Maybelline New York Lash Sensational- Shade Intense Black – £7.99


This was the most hyped up product in the last few months but I must say it is well worth the hype as it really makes my lashes look so much fuller and longer! The brush is really good at getting to all your lashes, even the tiny ones you don’t even know where there, which is why it gives you that multiplier effect … Absolutely love it 😋

  • Tanya Burr Cosmetics Lip Gloss – Shade Afternoon Tea – £5.99


You have got love Tanya Burr and her products are no exception her lip glosses are less sticky feeling than others and actually have a good colour pay off!

  • Tanya Burr Cosmetics – Rosy Flush Cheek Palette – £8


This is just perfect for getting your contouring game on – bronzer is perffffffect and the blush is really pigmented so just a little is needed and the highlighter is a gorgeous shade that gives you a natural glow!

  • Makeup Revolution London Ultra Blush Palette – All about Cream – £6


Not used it yet but makeup revolution products are usually good quality for really cheap prices so I have high hopes for this!  I have eye shadows from them and they are great!

  • MAC Amplified Creme Lilstick – Shade Girl About Town – £15 


ITSSSSSS MYYYYYY FFIIRSTTTTT MAAACCC LIPPSTTICK!!!!!!!! and I’m in absolute love with it!!!!!!!!! It’s sooooo nice, creamy yet not sticky and it lasts for a looooonngggg time and dosent fade easily!!! I need to buy so many more I just love it!  

  • Urban Decay – Naked Original Palette – £38

    & Urban Decay – Naked Smoky Palette – £38


I went from having no urban decay eye shadow palettes to having 2 which I’m super greatfull for! The shades are perfect and are super blendable! They are so versatile that hundreds of looks can be created and I love the brushes suplied which I never normally do! I can’t wait to do a makeup look post using one of these!!!

There you go hope you enjoyed that and please remember to like and comment; Do you have any of these – do you like them?, Are you planning on getting any of these or What did you get for Christmas? 

Hope your as excited as I am for my new posting schedule!!!


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***Disclaimer not trying to brag I’m thankful and surprised at all I got***


High End Beauty Wishlist!


Immmm sorryyyyyy

I’m officially the worst ever blogger ……… EVERRRRR!!!!

I promise to never promise anything close to having a schedule because I know and now all you guys know too that I will NEVER stick to one….

So what I do want to say is that im going to post when I can!

I swear I was planning to post every week during the summer but I was just soooo lazy 😂😭 But now I’m back at school and I have a routine again so I think I will get back into posting more again!

Imma try at least…

So yeah to get back into things I will tell you 10 things I WISH I could buy right now if money was no object in terms of beauty items! (Disclaimer: these items might not be luxury to some people but they are really expensive for a teenager at school with no job – but I hope in the near future I will be lucky enough to get my hands on some of them 😂)

So here goes and I hope you enjoy this post (and sorry again for not posting in ages 😅)

1) Nars Sheer Glow Foundation
💖 £31

2) Benefit The POREfessional Face Primer
💖 £24.50

3) Benefit Hoola Bronzer
💖 £23.50

4) Benefit Roller Lash
💖 £19.50

5) The Balm Mary Lou Manizer Highlighting Powder
💖 £17.50

6) Urban Decay Naked Palette
💖 £38

7) Mac Lipstick in Blankety & Girl About Town
💖 £15.50 each

8) Charlotte Tillbury Matte Revolution Lipstick in Glastonberry
💖 £23

9) Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection (sold seperatly)
💖 £130 in total

10) Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser 100ml Starter Kit
💖 £15.50

There you go hope you enjoyed that and please remember to like and comment; Have you got any of these products or are any of them on your wish list too? Are they as good as people say they are? or Could you recommend any other high end products?

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Review: Lush Bubble Bar – ‘Dreamy Candy Bath’

Hey!!! It’s me again … long time no see! – I know what your thinking ” Who the hell is this ….  OHHHHHH yeah… I remeember now … she’s that weirdo from months ago who did a few blog posts … then disappeared off the face of the earth!” If you thought that then my friend you are correct the powerful indesructable force that pushed me to cucoon myself under blankets and books is a certian thing called ….. EXAMS!!!! But now they are OVERRRR!!!!! And I can have a life again!!!!!

I promise you from the bottom of my heart I will post at least once a week and hopefully a lot more than that!!!!

So to kick of my time here again I will be doing a wee lush review – hope you enjoy and now let’s get straight into the review! 😄

Dreamy Candy Bath – Lush Bubble Bar


before opening

Of course it’s a Lush product I can’t live without my lush bath every week – before you judge I shower during the week😇 –  it’s what I look forward too after a long week at school! I have tried quite a lot of their products mainly bath bombs and bubble bars my favourites are the Twilight bath bomb and the Comforter bubble bar!!! This one comes with many benefits but one major downfall.



the beauty itself

The bubble bar itself just looks so cute!!!! I love the pink colour and the pretty little flower on the top! And it’s got a slight sparkly tint in it which makes it even more enticing!! Plus I just love the way Lush displays their products in store itthe shops just look so AWESOME… I would absolutely love to get a job in one whilst at university or whenever… 😍

Then the smell…… Oh my god…. It’s amazing… It’s just like candy floss!!! It gave me the feeling of being at a carnival surrounded by roller coasters and clowns – and by whatever else happens at carnivals 😜 – and then the comforting smell of candy floss and popcorn and hotdogs that floats through the air from the food stalls … If that makes sense!!! 😂 I’m one of those people who just loves smells they just take me back to the place where I first smelt them …. Please tell me it not just me!?!?!? 😳

It’s super moisturising … You don’t even understand HOW nice it makes your skin feel so soft!!! You can literally feel it making your skin soft and velvety to the touch whilst siting in your bath! I have Keratosis Pilaris, ( which is when the patches of affected skin will be covered in tiny spiky bumps, which may be white, red or skin-coloured. This spotting looks like “chicken skin” or permanent goose pimples, and the skin feels rough, like sandpaper: it’s not contagious or painful or really harmful so don’t worry it’s actually quite common I know a few people who also have it) and it even made my arms and legs (worse affected areas) feel so smooth and silky soft which I found amazing!!! This is due to the fact the 14 ingredients include fair trade organic cocoa butter, fair trade vanilla absolute and almond oil; they alltogether provide perfect conditioning, softening and hydrating effect on your skin as well as making you, your bath and pretty much your whole house after using it smell gorgeous!!! 😆

It’s perfect for relaxing as the smell combined with the amazing hydrating effect it has on your skin just chill you right out and completely makes you feel bloody brilliant!!!

Finally, the price for such a wonderful and beneficial product…. Is unbelievably only £2.75!!!! WHAT!?!? After using it I really felt like I was using a much more expensive and high end skin care product which adds to the pampering effect that this gives you.



disapointing bubbles

Despite my complete adoration of this product I think it fails in a majorly important area…. It dose t actually make A LOT of bubbles…. Don’t get me wrong it made quick a few bubbles and these felt amazingly moistureising when rubbed on your skin… But they just weren’t that big and there were few and far between… Plus it didn’t turn the bath water pink like I thought it would… It just looked a bit dirty and shimmery!!! Which was all a bit disappointing 😐



I like to cut them up so its easier to crumble

Despite the lack of bubbles and theft the it didn’t change the colour of the water I would 100% recommend this product as it smells gorgeous and I could smell it on my skin for a long time after bathing! Also, I can’t even put into words how well it moistureises your skin and think it would be perfect for anyone with very dry, rough or a fellow Keratosis Pilaris sufferer like me 😁 I will definitely be repurchasing it in the future and it’s so cheap it will be easy to do so!
So I hope you liked this review and please stick around I’m going to be doing an favourite YouTubers Post this week and maybe a wee haul for you!!!

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What’s in my make up bag?

Hello there beautiful people! See that caught your attention – today’s post if you didn’t get it from the title is a “What’s in my makeup bag!” So here goes – hope you enjoy! 😸

Make-up Bag


  • As you can see I use the ‘Zoella Guinea Pig Make-Up Bag’, which you can get from Superdrug (UK) for only £8.
  • I love this because its soo cute and fits everything I need perfectly!
  • Plus its pink – so what’s not to love!?!?



Rimmel London / Wake Me Up Foundation /                               201 Classic Beige / £8

  • This is my all-time favourite foundation … its just bloody brilliant! It has great coverage and is easy to put of with my wee brush which (I’m not even going to lie) is from Primark for £1 (Its actually really good okay!)
  • What i love about this foundation is that it has little bits of gliitter in it so it leaves your face looking refresshed and glowing – And I think the price is great for what you get!!!
  • I need this some mornings to make me actually look awake because you all know what its like to be up late studying (ha! cough*** watching Netflix***cough) and when you get up you look like a walking zombie! – so for these occasions this is a lifesaver!



Rimmel London / Hide The Blemish Concealer /                      004 Natural Beige / £4

  • I’m not usually too fussy when it comes to concealer but lately I’ve been sticking to this same one and I’ve went thorough a lot ( an unspeakable amount) this is actually one I’m about to throw out because I’ve completely used it all and desperately need to buy more!!!
  • It does exactly what i want it too – hides my spots and tiny bit under the eyes makes those dark circles gone!
  • As you can tell I like Rimmel London – and apparently my skin tone is beige!



2True / All Over Natural Bronzing Powder / Shimmering Bronze / £2.29

  • This is Superdugs’ own brand of cosmetics … Not going to lie I have had better bronzer’s (like ones from Avon or Bourjois) – the only reason I have this is because my old Bourjois chocolatey one ran out and I “borrowed this one from my mum” and have just never bothered to give it back! But the brush is so light and fluffy and applies it really well! (I have no idea where the brush is from sorry)
  • BUT I actually do like this – if your looking for a cheaper version of the more expensive bronzer’s this is perfect as it gives you a nice colour and is great all over your face to make you tanned..
  •  The good thing is it doesn’t make you look orange or like an “Oompa-Loompa” ( from Charlie And The Chocolate Factory ) unlike some other bronzer’s! Also the suntanned look it gives you doesn’t fade throughout the day ( which is surprising from such a cheap product ) – so that’s probably why I haven’t bothered to give it back to my mum!!!


20150306_180233 1

Makeup Revolution London / Sculpt &                                          Contour Kit / £4

  • This is also from Superdrug and its THE best thing I have ever used – in the palette the colours look really strange but when they go on your skin the bronzer is perfection ( I only use this one for contouring not for all over my face ), the blusher is a gorgeous pinky dusky rose colour and it brings out your natural rosiness in the apples of your checks and the highlighter is brilliant, its a bright shimmering white that reflects the light spectacularly!
  • I don’t believe you need to spend hundreds on make-up for it to be good quality because everything in my make-up bag is less than £10 but they do the job – really well even if I don’t say so myself and this is a prime example of this!
  • Also you don’t even need a lot on the little brush provided (which is also really good and gets right in to where you want it to go) so this will last you a long time! – 100% recommend this!


20150306_172138 (2)

Maybelline New York / The Colossal GO EXTREME! Volum’ / Black Waterproof / £7

  • BEST MASCARA I HAVE EVER OWNED – that’s pretty much all I have to say!!!!!
  • (Ooookkaay calm down…) Its really good … (***just breath***) … its not clumpy or have that awful smell that some mascaras do – plus the wand is really cool its designed to double the length and volume of your lashes and it doesn’t half do that job!! – If you are in need of a new mascara you must get this!



Avon / Super Extend Liquid Eye Liner / Black / £6.50

  • This is the first eye liner I ever bought and i will never buy any other! its is just perfect the pen is great for doing the normal line of your top and bottom lashes but its also amazing for doing “winged” eye liner.
  • The colour is jet black and doesn’t fade it dries super quick and doesn’t smudge.
  • Also I left it open without its lid accidentally one night and it had not dried up which I was soo happy about (don’t know if that’s an actual selling point or if it was just luck!!!)

Eye Shadow

Makeup Revolution London / Eye Shadow Palette / Naked / £7

Makeup Revolution London / Eye Shadow                                  Palette / Naked / £7

  • This is such a great palette because it has all the colours that I love to use and these is a large amount of eye shadow provided so it will take a while to run out! Plus its so cheap for 12 shades!!!
  • The best thing is the colours are super pigmented and it comes with some matt shades and some glittery
  • It is so versatile because it comes with nude shades for a natural day look and really dark shades for a smoky evening look – this is a smaller version of a massive palate that I own which has around 150 shades in it which if this gets 20 likes I will do a review and swatches or an eye makeup look using it!!!

Lip Glosses


Bourjois Paris / 3D Effect Lip Gloss / 05 / £8

  • I genuinely adore this lip gloss my reasons are; make my lips look fuller, the colour is a gorgeous salmony peachy but natural looking pinky shade, it is super glittery, it doesn’t leave my lips feeling sticky or irritated and it really does stay on your lips for exactly how long you need it to – which usually is for a whole day
  • The packaging is to die for!!! (I just want to leave it out in my room so everyone can appreciate its beauty!!!)
  • Overall, it make my lips look and feel sooo nice!!! And the price is brilliant for the product you get!
20150306_180838 1

Tanya Burr Lip Gloss / Exotic Island / £7

  • If you read my last post you will know I have Tanya’s nail polish in Little Duck but I said her lip glosses are much better and this us why; its a gorgeous bright pink shade, the duffel applicator is so soft and makes it simple to apply, it leaves your lips moisturised and super shiny and it doesn’t leave your lips sticky
  • It also smells like your favourite summers day perfume and easily makes your lips the focal point of your make up look
  • BUT like a lot of lip products its downfall is disappearing when you eat and drink and it becomes very transparent looking and like you’ve put it on really badly – but the good points out way this negative!


20150306_175555 1

Avon / Extra Lasting Lipstick / Pink Perfection / £7.50

  • The colour is a a bright shiny pink it is my ultimate favourite lipstick because it stay on ALL day even if you eat or drink and it feels soo soft on my lips and makes them look so perfect!
  • it smells so fruity and is great for so many occasions – I have worn it out for a birthday party and I have even worn it for school
  • This is definitely something I will be repurchasing again and again – there is also dozens of shades which I will also need to try out! And at this price I will easily be able to do so!!!

Maybelline New York / Super Stay 14hr Lipstick / 510 Non-Stop Red / £7

  • This lipstick is out to fool everyone!! It looks closer to a dark pink shade BUT it is a spectacular bright red it is a more than gorgeous colour!!!
  • I bought it for a Halloween costume a few years ago ( I know at this point you will be screaming at your digital device wonder what I was …. Soo I may as well tell you … I was Minnie Mouse okayyy!!!) and it was perfect so I couldn’t stop using it so I have had to repurchase it many times!
  • This has the best smell out of all the lipsticks i have and have ever had ….. To me it smells like strawberries but not normal strawberries it smells like a super sweet and juicy summery strawberry that makes you want to eat your own lips!!!



EOS Lip Balm / Strawberry Sorbet / £4

  • Yes I know this is not make up buuttt I physically cant leave the house with out one of these lip balms … my lips are soo dry all the time and these help stop that! This is one of my favourite flavours (idk) it smells really sweet and fruity but not sickly sweet.
  • It feels so refreshing and moisturising but the best part is the fact that its not oily like Vaseline is because I HATE that sticky feeling Vaseline gives you! This has soo many benefits for your lips and that’s why I love it!
  •  And how can you argue with the design of the product/packaging … it look like an egg … the lip balm is round … and you put the round thing round your lips …. and of course as usual it all boils down to the fact its PINK!

Hand Cream


Soap & Glory / Hand Food / £5

  • Yes …again its not make up but it can live without this with me at all times … its amazing!!! It smells fantastic to me this smell reminds me of hundreds of years ago where woman has musky perfume on that smells like lavender and rose as its such a classic and timeless smell!
  • It leaves your hands soft and smelling good for a long time and the best part I it doesn’t make your hands really oily and greasy!
  • The funny thing is when I go out and have to take a smaller bag instead of my hand bag the thing I worry about is it the bag will fit my hand cream in it … rather than worrying if it will fit my phone, keys or purse!!!!!!

There you go!! Hope you enjoyed that this is the most time I have spent on a post and I hope its worth it!! I really enjoyed writing this so I hope you enjoy reading it!

Tomorrow I will be doing the “This or That Tag” as I was kindly tagged by ‘BeautyBooksBubsandMe’, so stick around for that!

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Top 5 Spring Nail Polishes!

Hey guys!

I decided to do a little Spring nail polish favourites and mini review of each polish I choose as my first beauty related post. So I hope you like it!!!

Number 1:

BarryM / Gelly Hi-Shine / Fondant 450

BarryM / Gelly Hi-Shine / Fondant 36

I absolutely love this nail polish, the colour is gorgeous and I find that BarryM’s brushes are really good quality meaning its easy to apply and only needs one coat for good coverage and if you want to be picky two coats is perfection! This is great for the spring season as the colour is so subtle yet striking – I would say its a pinky purple shade that is super glossy and shiny just like the name suggests! The cherry on the cake for this polish is the price at only £3.99!  A definite 5/5 from me!

Number 2:

Rimmel London I heart lasting finish - your majesty 239

Rimmel London / I heart lasting finish / Your Majesty 239

This a an extraordinary colour (not even kidding) sometimes when you look at it its definitely silver but then other times its sooo gold – I love it!!! Also, it is really good for not chipping so it lasts for a good week or so. I think I will definitely be wearing this in spring because it is bold and girly and will go with everything I wear. Again this is  so inexpensive at £2.99! Finally, the only downside to this cheep price is the packaging because I dropped it once onto my carpeted floor and the plastic top cracked slightly … but ya know we can live with that because its so freakin’ pretty!! So its a 4/5 for that reason

Number 3:

Tanya Burr / Little Duck

Tanya Burr / Little Duck

Firstly I’m going to say how amazing it is that Tanya has her own range of cosmetics *** Round of Applause*** and now mention how stunning the shade is!! I mean look its so bright and glossy … yeah I love it a little too much. But … its not cheap or really expensive at £5.99 but the thing is the brush is terrible and I would have expected a better one since the polishes at half of this price have really good ones! I don’t mean to be picky but for me the formula is far too runny so its hard to apply! So for these reasons its a 3/5 but I still LOVE it!!! (sorry Tanya! – your lip glosses are much better)

Number 4;

BarryM /Speedy / Quick Dry  / Pit Stop 450

BarryM / Speedy / Quick Dry / Pit Stop 6

I have been searching everywhere for a colour like this for nearly a year and I bought this about two weeks ago and I’m not kidding the wait was well worth it!!! The shade is a really light but bright grey and as the name suggest it dies in a split second. Which is great but also not so great, as sometimes I’ve just started to put it on my nail and for me this means one line down the middle, and then I get distracted or fumble with the brush in the bottle, and when I go to finish my nail, the first line of polish is in the stage before its totally dry, when if other polish touches it, it will wrinkle and go all lumpy which is so annoying! (** and breath ** that was a bloody long sentence!) But I can deal with that because it literally doesn’t chip I’ve had it on for a week now and its still not chipped! This is another steal at only £3.99. So, overall it gets a 4/5!

Number 5:

20150304_175721 (1)

Rimmel London / Lycra Pro / Professional Finish / Fancy Fushia 295

Finally, you cant have a nail polish favourites without a pink shade … I mean is that even legal!? If you didn’t read my last post which I don’t know why you wouldn’t have … because come on it was amazing (*** At this point I hope sarcasm is clear on the internet because if not .., you should all know I’m not that bighead!***) … as I was saying you would now that my ultimate favourite colour is pink soooo that’s why I had to include one pink, and this one is the best one I have as its super bright and it says it has an anti-fade system (on the back of the bottle) which is clear as it stay as bright for over a week and doesn’t start to chip till this point either!! It costs £5.99, which is probably why it has the best brush by far, as its wide and the “bristles” (idk) are close together so its easy to apply and for perfect application one coat is more than enough (you know here the word coat has nothing to do  with an item of clothing … I mean its your choice you can put more than one coat on whilst giving yourself a manicure but that would be pretty strange! (just to let you know I’m a really sarcastic person so expect strange comments like that – sorry if that’s not your thang) For me this is a clear 5/5 just for the colour never mind all the other great aspects!

So there you go hope you enjoyed that little insight into my world of nail polishes and the strange thoughts that go around in my head! If you have any nail polish recommendations feel free to comment them down below as well as if you liked this kind of post. Don’t forget to give this a like if you like it and give me a follow if your a stalker. (there’s that sarcasm again)

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