Hey there it’s me again!

So today I wanted to write a wee post about my prom just telling you all a bit about my day like a day in the life prom edition – 1. Cause I think it will be fun for you to read and 2. Cause I will like to have this to look back on! So here goes hope you enjoy!

My prom was on the 11th of June at a fancy hotel in my city.

My day began at about 10am when I got up; I then had breakfast and showered ready for my exciting day!

Then me and my friends exchanged excited texts about the night ahead, I watched some Netflix and YouTube videos until it was time to go get my makeup done!

My appointment was at 3pm at a local beauty salon, I was really nervous at first but I’m so happy with how my makeup turned out I asked for quite a bold gold smoky eye and she did it perfectly! It was Β£28 including the nicest false eyelashes! 😍


Then once that was done I got the bus back home – on which I was stared at horribly for having a heavy face of makeup and messy hair and my usual causal clothes on. πŸ˜‚

It was now about 4pm and my sisters and my niece came up to my house to help me get ready. My niece painted my nails a lovely gold colour (gold was my theme sorta thing😜) and then my two sisters curled my hair. (Which was great and lasted all night and I didn’t even have to pay for a hairdresser to do it!)

Then I got dressed – My dress was from Chi Chi London Β£65 , Clutch from New Look Β£12.99, Shoes from Tesco (πŸ˜‚ don’t judge they r nice!) Β£20, Necklace from Tesco Β£8 and a black shawl which I borrowed from my sister.


Then we took lots of photos and at quater past six my friends arrived and we headed to prom!(as we were all getting a car to prom together) oh and before I forget we don’t really do the whole prom date thing we all just go with our friends and the very little amount of people who are in relationships go together as well as staying in their friendship groups too. 😊

We got there at about ten to seven, and we were only allowed in at seven, so we took the time to take LOTS of photos and selfies together! πŸ˜‚


Once we were finally let in we took even more photos cause the place was done up so nicely with fairy lights, balloons and a red carpet! πŸ˜„ As well as this we all were talking to each other and checking out what everyone else was wearing!

Then it was time for the meal which I was not looking forward to as I’m such a fussy eater! But I have to say I was pleasantly suprised the starter and dessert were amazing and I ate about half of the main as I didn’t really like it but I was glad I at least tried it! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‹


After we ate me and my friends went to the photo both thingy and got lots of funny pics done, it was so much fun that we kept coming back to it all night!

Then the rest of the night was spent drinking Pepsi and dancing to some good songs and some really bad “ned anthems” πŸ˜‚ (I think neds are a Scottish thing Idk do you even know what that means?!) We danced that much our feet were actually killing us afterwards!


Then a glass got smashed on the dance floor, drunk people were grinding each other on a pillar, more drunk people were doing the snake on the floor in ballgowns and me and my friends (who were some of the only sober ones there) laughed at the drunk, danced for ages and had the best night ever!!!

We said our goodbyes to teachers and fellow students as this would be the last time we ever see most of them! We stayed right until the end which meant we left at 12pm and I got home at about 20 past 12.

I then told my mum and dad all about my night, spent ages taking my makeup off and trying to brush a sh*t tone of hairspray out of my hair! I was then going to go to bed but instead like the idiot I am at 1am I watched four episodes of Gavin and Stacey πŸ˜‚

Which meant I ended up not sleeping until half four πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ whoops

And that was my day!!!


I had an absolute blast and couldn’t have asked for a more amazing prom since here in Scotland we only get one prom I’m glad I made it a great one!!!πŸ˜€πŸ˜„ Wish I could do it all again tho 😭

Thanks for reading this and please like and comment down bellow – how was your prom if you’ve had one before, or are you excited to go to your prom in the future and what’s prom like where you are from?

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Fangirling Owl



9 thoughts on “PROM!

  1. lifeaccordingtojamie says:

    You looked beautiful! Happy to hear you had a great time with your friends. I forgot that legal drinking age in many other countries is 18 – here in the US it is 21 so the only drunk people at my prom were people that had snuck alcohol in flasks haha

    Liked by 1 person

  2. somegirlandablog says:

    Your dress is so so pretty!!! I had prom as well this summer and i made the mistake of doing my makeup myself haha, I had to re-do my winged eyeliner so many times haha! The food looked amazing at your’s as well, we had a buffet with lil sandwiches and chicken nuggets etc… ^-^ I was so tired after my prom I didn’t wake up till lunch time the next day haha. Glad you had a great time!


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