Storytime Sundays – My YouTuber Book Collection 

Hey!! Sorry for only getting round to post till Sunday this week but I was super busy with school and the weekend is the best time for posting and I’m really trying to write in advance but didn’t get a chance to recently but anyhow!! Got my mock exam results back and I got 3 A’s and a C so yeah super happy cause the C was in my hardest class which I’m surprised I even passed tbh 

So today I’m basically showing you all my YouTube related books I have read some of them but this is just a wee overview and I might do a review next week of one of them or another book I have read 😄

Let’s goooo……

1. Zoella – Girl Online

This was the first YouTuber book I bought and despite all the drama of people saying she didn’t write it, I still like it! To be fair it’s super childish but so am I so I didn’t really mind 😂 Also I got to get it signed by Zoe and meet her for like 30 seconds which was amazing!!! However, I really didn’t feel the need to get the second one that came out recently as it’s probably not any better than the first!


2. Sprinkle of Glitter (Louise Pentland) – Life with a sprinkle of glitter & her 2016 Diary!

Sprinkle of glitter is my all time favourite YouTuber so when I saw she was bringing out 2 books I knew I needed to have them! I love her life with a sprinkle of glitter book as it gives you some great tips and advice. I also love the diary and use it everyday as each week it has a fun thing on the other page like DIY’s, tips, motivation or any other random fun thing!!!


3. Tanya Burr – Love Tanya

This is such an all round good book! It has many different sections like confidence and happiness, life and baking. It’s also got a little bit of a background into Tanya at the start which is lovely and the pictures are beautiful!


4. Dan and Phil – The Amazing Book Is Not On Fire!

Ufgghscggfuhhdhd I love Dan and Phil!!!! I got this at their tour – which was also amazing – sadly I didn’t get to meet them we were able to buy them signed at the tour! It’s amazing as it is a full on life story of them both right from when they were born, all through childhood, school up till now! It’s funny and really well written and it feels like I can hear them saying the words as I read it as its so genuine. 


5. Pointless Blog (Alfie Deyes) – The Pointless Book 1 & 2

These are a blatant copy of ‘Wreck this journal’ but oh well!!! They are fun and a good thing to do when bored! As they have a task on each page which could be writing stuff in the book, doing stuff outside of the book (like impressions) and destroying the book!


6. Carrie Hope Fletcher – All I Know Now

I love Carrie so I asked for her book for Christmas and I got it! I have started to read it and so far it’s great! She is a theatre star which is why the book is layed out like Acts instead of chapters. It gives you good advice as well as funny anecdotes of her life!


7. Tyler Oakley – Binge

I haven’t started to read this one yet as I just got this one for Christmas too but even without reading it I know it will be amazing!!! It’s basically an autobiography of Tyler’s life with lots of laughs throughout as well as some sad parts! Can’t wait to read it properly! 


There ya go! Hope you liked having an insight into all my YouTubers books I love supporting team internet so I hope to add many more to my collection!

Please don’t forget to like, gimme a follow and comment; do you have any of these books?, what other YouTubers books do you have? Or what’s your favourite YouTubers book?


Fangirling Owl



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