Fashion Friday – OOTD

Hey! Can’t tell you how happy I am that I have managed to stick to this schedule lol but yeah these past two weeks have been my mock exams so I only managed one post a week but I’m super happy with that! my last exam was yesterday so I’m free again!!! 😂 Today shall be a quick one so here goes!

I wore this for my mum’s birthday super comfy but looks nice too!!! 😄👗👠🎀😜




Top – Primark – £6

Jeans – Primark – £10

Shoes – Converse – £40

Plus — I got my eyebrows done today for the first time ever! I had them waxed and it was suprisingly not as sore as expected I might do a post on Monday about them!

That’s all for today hoped you like my first kind of this ootd post and don’t forget to like and comment; where’s you favourite place to shop? Or Do you like Primark as much as me lol?

Also, give me a follow to keep up to date with my posts!!

Thanks for reading!!!


Fangirling Owl



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