Fashion Friday’s – My Wardrobe Staples

Helllloooooo loveliessss!!!!!

Today shall be your third enstallement of my new blogging series and I will be showing you 10 things I couldn’t live without when it comes to fashion this time of the year! Hope you enjoy ๐Ÿ˜

  • A statement dress – great for parties and special occasions
  • High waisted skinny jeans – casual everyday wear or dressed up can look super classy
  • image
  • Peplum top – sooooo flattering as it sinches in your waist
  • image
  • Graphic tee – chilled out look when paired with the jeans
  • image
  • Plaid shirt – love this on top of a plain top to make your outfit even more stylish and when it’s cold it provides another layer to keep you warm lol
  • image
  • Leggings – my go to choice when I don’t want to put any effort into an outfit but when styled right they can look great too!
  • image
  • Super cozy jumper – I would live 24hrs a day in one of these if I could. Plus the right one can look great and be so warm and laid back
  • image
  • Stylish raincoat – this is been the wettest winter on record in Scotland so I can’t leave the house without one and it needs to be quite heavy or fluffy or tie up at the waist to be flattery yet practical
  • image
  • Boots – a nice pair of black ankle boots can really set of a look or when you want to look casual my old favourite is my uggs
  • image
  • Party heels – can’t liveeeeee without my heels; being seriously small any occasion I get to wear heels I will!!! They make you look so elegant as well but if I can’t do heels ballet flats are my faves too!
  • image

    So there you go, thanks for reading, hope you liked that kind of post please don’t forget to like and comment; do you like any of these things too?, what’s your main wardrobe essential?, or what would you call your style if you had to put a name to it!?

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    Fangirling Owl



9 thoughts on “Fashion Friday’s – My Wardrobe Staples

  1. thoughtfulpigeon says:

    In the winter I’ve been wearing a lot of dresses with leggings and boots or skinny jeans, a plain top and check shirt. There’s a great selection in this post. I think my staples would look a lot like this but without the peplum top (I love them but haven’t found one I liked that fit right) and the uggs.

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