Christmas Gift Guide 2015

“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!!”

Omg guys how is it already the first of December!!! Can’t wait till Christmas it’s only 24 days away! Super excited! I was whole heartedly considering blogmas but I was already crap at posting so I decided against it and thought I should just try post weekly again 😂 so I thought I would do a gift guide post as I know I never have any inspiration or clue what to get anyone so doing this will help me and hopefully help some of you too!!


  • A cute calander personalised with pictures of you, them and some other loved ones – Photobox and Vistaprint are my go to websites that do these as well as Moonpig or Funky Pigeon 😁
  •  A nice winter scarf – my mum and sisters love scarves so much so buying them one always goes down well
  • Makeup – depending if they are into it – I like to get my friends or sisters either a specific high street product they have asked for or sometimes I treat them to a luxury item that I know they have had their eye on for a long time!
  • A pamper hamper – fill a box or hamper with any of these things; their favourite lush product like a bath bomb etc, shower gel, perfume, face mask, lip balm, body scrub, body moisturiser, their favourite treat like a sweet or chocolate bar, a fuzzy pair a slipper socks, a hand cream or nail polish among my mannyyyy other things!!! This is one of my favoutie thing to buy for people as they get to try lots of new things out plus get somethings they already love and mainly cause they can treat themselves to a well deserved pamer session!!
  • Or if your too lazy for that you could gift them a Spa Day voucher – you could go along to it with them and make it a nice wee day out or let them take a friend
  • Make a hot chocolate set – I’m making my niece one this year and all you do is buy a nice Christmassy mug, fill it with varieties of mini hot chocolate sachets, pop some marshmallows in there, a wee candy cane and some of their favourite sweets!
  • Jewellery – this is versatile as I got my niece a unicorn necklace and then bought my friend some really nice silver earrings so it’s super easy to find something for everyone in this category!
  • A new 2016 diary or planner so they can organise the year ahead of them! I always get my sisters a diary so it’s definitely a present anyone of either gender would appreciate.
  • A subscription to a magazine or a monthly box – be it beauty or pet or food etc this website has every option in the uk here – it means they not only get a single pres t on Christmas Day but a gift that keeps on giving every month or depending how long you get it for! 😜
  • STATIONARY! – I like buying my mum some fancy pens and pretty notebooks for my sisters as they are seriously obsessed with them just like me!!!


  • “Experince days” which is when you can buy fun things for them to do like a super car driving experince or adventure activities like zip wire or clay pigeon shooting amount lots of other things – is a really good website for this which we used to get my uncle a driving experience day!
  • A new wallet – like a really nice leather one or a personalised one or one with something they like on it – what I mean is last year I got my dad a wallet with batman on it cause he loves comics especially batman and superman!
  • A smelly set – that sounds stupid but just like for girl you could get a guy some shower gel, deodorant, shaving foam, aftershave/cologne, moisturiser and lots of other facial cleansing or just general skincare products as men are much more aware and intrested into these things now! Which is great!
  • A DVD or CD of his choice as I know my dad is never tired of purchasing every single film that comes out 😜 and they can get lots of use and enjoyment out of it as if you ask them suttlely if there’s anything new out the want film or music wise then you will know exactly that they will love what you get them!
  • A watch – there’s obviously some that are too expensive but you could get a reasonably priced one easily or you could go halfway with another family meaner or friend to get them that one luxury branded watch they might really want and Im sure they would be really surprised and thankful!
  • A book – again this is total gender neutral you can buy anybody a book it’s really simple if you know what genre they like pick sometching obscure within it so they can try something new or something they’ve been wanting  and they are sure to enjoy it and take time out to have a read and relax
  • One of the new mature colouring books and a set of really good pens or pencils – they have really pretty ones like enchanted forest and underwater themed ones as well as Harr Potter and Doctor Who ones!! Which is obviously for both genders too as I know I would love to receive one 😂
  •  A hobby related gift like a gardening set or a little spice set if they love cooking which they will really enjoy using and won’t ignore like some of the silly presents they might get!
  • Or if they are lazy and you know they are not into cooking you could get them a voucher for a meal out so they can enjoy a night out on you! Or you could treat you dad to boyfriend etc to little DIY coupons in which one of them could be you make him a meal as well as free hugs or dishes on me or you have control of the TV remote etc which is super fun and a personal gift they are sure to love!
  • Clothes – be that a new pair of Pyjamas, or a smart shirt or a funny t-shirt or a new pair of their favourite jeans as that’s my go to present for my dad! Or a really boring set of socks could be really good if you get Star Wars or Game of thrones ones if that’s what they are into or whatever else they like!!!

There you go hope you enjoyed that and please remember to like and comment; Have you started your Christmas shopping? Do you know what your getting for everyone? And What do you want for Christmas? 

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