November In A Nutshell


I haven’t posted since the end of last month so I thought I would write about everything I’ve been doing in the last month! So that I can get back into this blogging malarkey 😜 Here goes hope you enjoy and soz for being away so long!

🌟At school me and my friends dressed up for the fancy dress day – I was a creepy doll they were a witch and a deer! We spent days before it trying to decide what we were going to be this was done by watching about a million youtube Halloween makeup tutorials and costume idea videos. In the beginning I was going to be a vampire but the tutorials were sooo difficult and the easy ones didn’t look good so I gave up and decide to be a creepy doll which I found a really good tutorial for on YouTube – was really proud of it not gonna lie! Here’s a picπŸ˜‚ – What did you guys go as for Halloween?

🌟Oooommggggg…… Well this past month at school we have been applying for university and college which consists of writing about a million drafts of a personal statement, checking obsessively about how I spell my name and address and email in the application form! It was soo scary putting in all my apllications 😰😱😭 I applied for business in various universities and the one course I’m most excited about is International Fashion Branding becuase it seems so interesting and would love to learn more about marketing in that industry!!! Also all our teachers are screaming at us about our mock exams that are coming soon and I’m really really really not prepared for any of themmmmmm!!!!! But I’m sure it’ll be fine πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Also as this is my lasy year in secondary school we are organising and paying for super exciting things like prom – aahhhhh I’m sooo excited!!!!! – and a yearbook!!! I really can’t wait to see if I get into university! Is anyone else going through this too? What are you wanting to do? Or if you have been to university whay did you study? cause I would love to know!

🌟This month my nephew Ben is 11 months old!!! I can’t quite believe that feels like yesterday he was born! Now he is crawling, climbing, standing, trying his hardest to walk and is about to start nursery!!!!!! It’s crazy how fast time flies!! Also me my sister and my niece started to make my sisters wedding invitations and they are looking amazing I would show you a photo but she doesn’t want anyone to see them before they get sent out! (Basically they are very classic and white with a pop of colour) Is there anything exciting happening within your family at the moment?

🌟 OHHHHHHHHHHHHH! !!!!!! MYYYY!!!!! GOSHSHS! It’s literally less than a month till Christmas and if you can’t tell I’m super excited!!! Me and my mum started our Christmas shopping a couple weeks ago and I’m so happy with what I have so far – got most of my dad’s and sisters presents but need to get everyone else’s!!! Is it just me or do you sometimes just have no clue what to get anyone and then you ask them and they say “I don’t know… I don’t really need anything… I don’t mind what I get …” (or variations of the above mentioned) which is sooo annoying as I know have to completley guess what I’m buying them but I suppose that’s part of the fun of Christmas!!! What do you guys want for Christmas? PLUS if you know of any good posts on gifts ideas then do let me know cause I need all the help I can get!! πŸ˜‚ *even if it’s your own post 😜

Duke of Edinburgh
🌟I swear I’ve been going on about Duke of Edinburgh for years now but finally it has come to an end as last week my group went to the city wide awards ceremony where we were given a badge (which im in love with) and a cerificate! embarrassing story alert On my way to collect the award I tripped up on the step and fell onto a girl from my school in front of me who turned around and glared at me and I was just standing there saying sorry and pretending I was okay when my leg and foot were actually physically dead … yup was really un – fun!! Apart from that it was a really good night!!!

My favessssssss
🌟TV- Recentley fell back in love with Once Upon a Time as its on Netflix I started it from all the way back to the beginning and I’m now just on around episode four of season four – so don’t spoil anything please!! – and it’s soooo good the last time I watched it was when it was actually on TV for the first time and I saw up to season two but stopped … now I wish I stuck with it cause it’s sooo good!!!!! Also, for those in the UK my favourite show started back last week called “I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here” and I absolutely love it Ant and Dec are my favourite presenters and I love the trials they do!!! this year I really hate Lady C – if you watch it please tell me you do too!?!?!? If you’ve never heard of it I highly reccomend it!!! basically celebrities are sent to a jungle in Australia and have to do trials and stuff to earn food and the public vote for who does each trial and who gets evicted and then eventually who is king or queen of the jungle!!!

🌟Music- “Made in the AM” by One Direction – I can’t hide it anymore I’m completely obsessed with 1D!!! πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚πŸ˜œ I particularly love Olivia and End of the day and Never enough!!!

🌟Book- The Amazing Book is Not on Fire – love love love love love Dan and Phil total plan shipper not gonna lie!!! It’s a really good book too tho! 😁😁😁

🌟YouTube- Living Rosa – Please please please go and watch these two amazing women called Tara and Mandi!!!! I have been following their journey to motherhood for quite a while now and Mandi has finally given birth to their daughter Lennon Ray Rosa and I couldn’t not be happier for them – their family is super cute and I absolutely love them to bits!!! πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§πŸ˜πŸ€—

And that is pretty much my last month in a few hundred words!!!!!!!

There you go hope you enjoyed that and please remember to like and comment; please answer as many of my questions throughout as possible love hearing what you guys think and are up to! Also don’t forget to give me a follow if you enjoy my posts!!!

Really want to do some Christmas posts next month so keep your eyes peeled for them … And also thanks for not leaving me and not caring that I’m the worst poster ever …. Love ya lots

P.s.- if there’s a million spelling mistakes in this then sorry I’m super awful at spelling 😭😭😭 I do proof read my posts but sometimes I fail miserably lol


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