Liebster Award!!!

Hey! – IM BACKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!

I never in a million years expected anyone to read my blog never mind follow, like or comment on it … So when I received a nomination for the Liebster Award I was soo happy and then I got another … and another … and another … and another … and another … and in total I was nominated eight times in the space of one week!!!

Thanks to Not Quite London, Rohaka, LilacNoir, Shadow & Sugar, Beauty Books Bubs And Me, Lippie Obsession , Chanelle Hayley and Some Girl And A Blog, for all my nominations I will do my best to answer all of your individual questions and merge the rest of the tag into this one post!

So here goes I hope you enjoy this post!!!!


1) Thank and link back to the person(s) who nominated you and display the award

2) Answer their 11 questions the nominee asked

3) Give 11 random facts about yourself

4) Nominate 11 bloggers with less than 200 followers

5) Notify the bloggers you chose for the award

6) Make a list of 11 different questions for your nominees to answer

11 Random Facts About Me!!!

1. YouTube Addict through and through

2. I’m petrified of the dentists

3. I would kill for an Apple MacBook- but I mean come on now …. wouldn’t we all!?!?

4. I cry … A LOT!!! And at the most random things like a few days ago I cried watching a Tanya Burr vlog … Don’t have a clue why!?!? Yeah … I’m a really emotional person I guess 😂

5. For the past few years I have had an obsession with having 3 calendars – I like to have a Sherlock, doctor who and band/singer related one ( at the minute it’s Ed Sheeran but last year it was one direction and the year before JLS ) :oops:😩😭😜😝:)

6. I love soap and glory and so do both of my sisters … It’s kind of their fault they introduced me to it and now I adore it!!! 😝 (especially hand food and body butter!)

7. Me and my friends love KPop ( big bang is my favourite band you must go listen to them on YouTube!!!!)

8. I bought a violin to learn how to play it for my skill in Duke of Edinburgh and It was too hard ( so I did cooking instead!) and now it sits in the corner of my room glaring at me! 😭😱

9. I have around 30 owl related products from plushies to cushion and clothes to lip balms :oops::oops:😁:oops: it’s an addiction

10. I love Eastenders, pretty little liars and the vampire diaries!!!!

11. Me and my niece used to make weird dancing or makeup videos that we have vowed to never show anyone!!! As it would result in death by embarrassment :oops:😝

Not Quite London’s Questions

1. What is your favorite subject to blog about?

– I have enjoyed writing about beauty related things so far but I’m excited to write about more lifestyle things and book reviews or products reviews. I like doing ‘favourite’ or wishlist posts ***hint hint I have a luxury wishlist coming up*** 😂

2. Coffee or tea?

– TEA all the way!!! I love a cuppa nearly every day!!! My mum always moans at me because I have nearly 3 spoons of sugar in my tea!!! 😜

3. Top 5 books/films

– Films = All the Harry Potter films, Any and Every Disney movie, The Borrowers, Big Hero 6 and Panic Room!!!

4. Favourite season and why?

– Summer because there’s no school, it’s warm ( well as warm as it can be in Scotland 😂) and I get to go on holiday with my family!!!

5. Dream holiday destination?

– Probably America because I really want to go to all the cool American shops like Target and Walmart and go shopping in Sephora or Bath and body works. Also I want to desperately see Wicked on Broadway *** cries a little inside*** and I want to go to all the rubbishy touristy places that most Americans are probably sick off tourists going on about 😜

6. Favourite cocktail?

– Obviously never had an alcoholic one but when I was on holiday in Turkey I went to a restaurant that did children’s fruity cocktails and they were all named after Disney princess’s… I think if I remember right my favourite was a Cinderella which had tropical juice, strawberries and pineapple in it 😂

7. Most embarrassing moment?

– Right this is going to be hard to narrow down … Okay … Years ago I was running up the stairs racing my dad who was in the lift to get into my flat and when I got to my floor I heard a phone ringing and assumed my dad was already there and waiting for me and that it was his phone that was ringing. Soo back then I used to constantly shout “Your phones goin!!!” when I heard a phone ringing…. So naturally I burst through the stairs door to my landing and shouted “Your Phones Goin!!!!!” to what I thought would be my dad … But … No … It was a random stranger ( a builder in fact, working in my flat) and he gave me an awkward smile and nod of the head and said ” haha … Yeah …. Thanks …. I got it” with the worlds most awkward laugh. All I can remember next is trying to mumble ha no sorry I thought you were someone else but I think that came out as

“HA …. NO ….. urghaaghh uhguhu!?!?!?!?!?”

Yeah ….. he just looked confused as hell and I slunk away to my flat and died with massive embarrassment 😭

8. Favourite beauty treatment?

– I had a Turkish Bath when I was on holiday and it feel like heaven. It consisted of going in the sauna and sweating like an insane pig, then going into a massive tiled room and throwing freezing cold water over each other that caused extreme pain and then lying on a big platform where a strange Turkish man put soapy bubbles and scrubby things on you and then you went then another freezing cold water throwing bit to wash this all off you (although this sounds horrific and illegal it was AMAZING!!!) . Then, we got a honey face and body massage and got to go in a hot tub which was literally one of the best things ever!! – So yeah whatever category of beauty treatments this comes under, this is what I pick 😂 lol

9. Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

– Well ideally I would love to have finished college/university and be getting and job, have

10. Cats or Dogs?

– I have a dog so I must say dogs but I also really want a cat!!! I will compromise and say dogs because I want to get. Pug sooooooooooooooooo badly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

11. Instagram or Pinterest?

– Instagram of course!!!! I love to take pictures so it’s just an addictive site for me!!!! My favourite account is Velvet Ghost ( aka Gabriellla Lindley) you MUST check her Instagram, YouTube or Twitter out!!!! She is so nice and not fake like some other YouTubers!! 😄

Rohaka’s Questions

1. List 5 places you want to visit.

– America, France, Italy, Germany and somewhere in Asia like China or Japan!!! One day I hope to have been to all of thesse places

2. What are your favorite patterns?

– Not sure how to answer this questions but when I buy clothes I like floral patterns and my wallpaper is floral and I also like bird patterns and polka dots or stripes!!!

3. What do you blog about?

– So far beauty and Random life style sort of things and I hope to do more reviews and other stuff and more photos!!! I’m just so excited about it all!! 😂

4. What really scares you?

– Dying … That’s all I’m going to say

5. Name 3 sites online that you love.

– YouTube, Netflix and Google Translate ( because teachers don’t actually expect me to DO my french homework by my self … Do they!?! 😛)

6. What is your favourite brand of makeup?

– I think it would have to be Rimmel London or Maybelline New York or Collection …. It’s really hard because I have lots of all of these brands!!! I would say Rimmel because my Wake Me Up foundation is fantastic!

7. Money or Love?

– Love because that’s the only thing that money can’t buy you!!! Love itself can make you the richest person in the world!!!! (cringetastic)

8. What is your newest purchase?

– The Collection Lasting Perfection Concealar because literally everyone is has been raving about it and it’s amazing I love it!!

9. The meaning behind your blog name?

– I’m a total Fangirling and I’m obsessed with owls!!! It’s that simple 😂😝

10. What do you collect?

– Well it would be easier to ask what don’t I collect …. I collect Pop Vynl Figures, Plushies (teddies to you and me), owl related things, pug cushions, shoes and scarves!!!! And many many more things 😂😂

11. How are you making money for your living?

– I’m currently still at school but when I leave I think I have pretty much decided I want to do Marketing. And I would like to work for either the BBC, Apple or Google!!!!

LilacNoir’s Questions

1. What inspired you to start a blog?

– When both of my grans passed away around the same time but only one year apart I felt like I wanted to do something different and get out any of things nasty things we call emotions! 😝

2. Which fictional universe would you love to live in?

– Can’t I pick all of them!!!! If I had to pick I would probably say in “The Vampire Diaries” as you could become a Vampire and live forever and get to be with Damon and Stefan 😜

3. What’s your favourite candle scent?

– I love sweet and fruity scents and I’m addicted to Yankee Candles my favourite is probably ‘Freshly Cut Roses’ it’s so nice and I also like ‘Fresh Cotton’ it’s so nice and … Well .. Fresh!! 😜;)

4. Do you prefer to type or handwrite things?

– I love handwriting things and I got a writing set for my Christmas but I’m an awful speller so when I do type auto-correct is my best friend!!!!

5. Do you collect anything?

^Already Answered^

6. What’s currently on your ‘to read’ list?

– Every book I own … But I really want to read ‘The miniaturist’ by Jessie Burton, ‘The hobbit’ by J.R.R.Tolkin and ‘Poppet’ by Mo Hayder … School is just far too time consuming for leisurely reading!!!!

7. How many times have you seen your favourite film?

– I think my favourite film is The Titanic and I’ve only seen that twice because it’s too painfully to watch more than one every few years!!

8. Do you like/watch reality TV?

– I HATE the thought of reality TV but I still LOVE to watch it like Big Brother and I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here and TOWIE.

9. What’s your favourite way to relax and unwind?

– Have a lush bath, drink some tea and pop pretty little liars on 😜

10. If you could have dinner with 5 people (past or present), who would they be?

– The Queen, Ian Somerholder, Benedict Cumberbatch, Will and Kate ( Duke & Duchess of Cambridge). Counting them as one person 😆 and Gabriellla Lindley!!!!!

Shadow & Sugar’s Questions

1. What is one thing you wish you were more motivated to do?

– eat healthier and exercise … But I’m sure that’s true for quite a lot of people!! Eating rubbishy and bingeing on Netflix is much easier than eating proper and going to the gym!!! 😤:twisted:😋

2. What is the last book you read?

– To Kill A Mockingbird for my higher English course this year we read this and wrote essays on it … And it was actually a really great book!!!

3. What is your dream vacation?

– It’s between somewhere exotic and hot and America!

4. Do you have a doppelgänger (look-alike)?

– Not that I know off …but when I was in Turkey a women staying at the same hotel as me came up to me and said I looked exactly like her granddaughter… So I guess we all must have one somewhere in the world!!

5. What is your favorite Disney movie?

– That’s a far too hard question but I would have to say Cinderella or Beauty And The Best and I can’t wait for the live action movies of these two too come out … It’s soo not long until Cinderella is out!!!!

6. What is the first thing you’d buy if you won the lottery?

– A house for my parents I want to give them back something because they are the best and they do so much for me 😂😭:'(😘

7. Who was your favourite teacher and why?

– It’s between my primary one teacher who was called Mrs Crow she was the nicest wee lady ever and she used to give us sweets on a Friday 😝 and my primary six teacher who was called Ms Livia and she was really young so we all got on well and was so kind and understanding and she really motivated you to do well! 🙂

8. How many selfies do you have saved on your phone?

– on my old phone I had hundreds but on my new phone I’ve got about twenty-five! 😙 ⬅️ my awful selfie face!!! 😂

9. If you could live in a different era, what would it be?

– 1950’s because the war had ended, the music was awesome and the fashion was gorgeous!!!

10. Have you ever been in a car accident?

– No thankfully!

11. What do you usually order at a restaurant?

– Probably a cheese pizza or some sort of pasta! Italian food is my favourite!!!!!

Beauty Books Bubs & Me’s Questions

1. OTP?

– Has to be Zalfie!!!!

2. Favourite book?

– Probably a Jacqueline Wilson kids book like The Diamond Girls or a Linwood Barclay crime novel like No Time For Goodbye

3. If you could eat just one food for the rest of your life what would it be?

– Pizza … its my life!!!

4. Ditto but drink?

– A Tango Ice Blast from Cineworld cinemas 😝😝

5. Earliest memory?

– Playing with my gran in her garden or playing in the sand pit at nursery 😁

6. Favourite memory?

– When I was on holiday with my family my niece at the time was really young and she said loved me and that I was her best friend and yeah I love her to pieces and we had such a great time together as a family!!

7. Favourite item of jewellery?

– Scottie dog blue tartan necklace it’s soo cute!!

8. If you wear makeup why do you?

– I like the way it makes me look that’s all you just look like a better more photoshopped version of yourself 😝

9. Favourite Disney character and why?

– Mulan because she doesn’t let anyone stop her and doesnt let the fact she’s a girl stop her!!!

10. How long have you been blogging?

– two weeks 😄

11. Best and worst things about blogging?

– I love putting lots of efforts to a post and enjoying it and then getting feedback saying that you guys enjoyed it too!!! I’ve not really found a worst yet but I guess it’s the fact you feel bad if you haven’t had time to post anything if life getts a bit much sometimes!!! Which feels like everyday at the minute!!!

Lippie Obsession’s Questions

1. If you could be any animal/creature (real or mythical) what would you be?

– I would be a unicorn because the seen so happy and majestic and fun!!!

2. If you could pick any era of time to live in, what time period would you pick?

^^answered already^^

3. What’s your least favorite chore?

– Vacuuming it’s just so tiring and boring but I love to dust I find it strangely pleasing!!! 😂😂😂

4. What is your favourite Disney movie?

^^answered Already^^

5. What’s your favourite TV show right now?

– PRETTY LITTLE LIARS!!! If you haven’t seen it you must go watch it … it’s amazing!!!!

6. If you could travel to any place in the world right now, where would you go?

– Right now I want to go France because I want to go to Disney Land Paris!!!

7. If you had an unlimited shopping spree for only 1 hour, what store would you pick?

– I would pick Tesco or Asda in America I guess the is the equivalent of Wallmart because you can get electronic stuff and make up and clothes and books and stationary and homeware stuff so it would be a great place to have a shopping spree!!!

8. If you won the lottery (let’s say the jackpot was $200 million), what would you do with the money?

– Buy a house and a car and book a load of holidays. Then buy tones of clothes and shoes and bags and makeup and the buy all the expensive stuff I wish I could normally afford like Apple products and branded clothes and shoes i.e. Uggs and Louis Voutouin and Jack Wills and Gucci etc…

9. If you could only pick one brand of makeup to buy from for the rest of your life, what would it be?

– Rimmel London because I couldn’t live without the Wake Me Up Foundation!!! And all of their products are generally really good 🙂

10. What’s your favorite part of your makeup routine?

– Doing my eye make up as I love putting on eye shadow and eye liner and mascara … I think it’s really fun!!!!

11. If you could pick any celebrity to be your best friend and one to be your love interest (if you have a significant other already than just pretend he/she doesn’t exist right now hehe) who would you pick?

– Zoe Suggest as my best friend she is soo kind and then Ed Sheeran as my love interest he is so hot!!! 😜

Chanelle Hayley’s Questions

1. What’s your favourite candle scent?

^^answered already^^

2. Do you collect anything?

^^answered already^^

3. Who would you want to play you in a movie?

– Emma Watson because she looks amazing with blonde hair and she’s my ultimate favourite actress!! Although she looks nothing like me as she much prettier than me!!! 😂

4. If you won the lottery what would be the first thing you would buy?

^^answered already^^

5. What’s one thing you couldn’t live without?

– My phone or my iPad I need access to the Internet 24/7 so I would be devastated without one of these devices!!!

6. Favourite food?

– I will change this up and say my favourite fast food and that’s KFC!! Chicken is also my favourite thing ever!!!

7. Who’s your biggest inspiration and why?

– Probably my grans because they were just great figures to live up to as they were strong, caring and you could depend on them. Also they were the heads of two strong families which is what I would hope to be in the future.

8. Tea or coffee?

^^answered already^^

9. Favourite item of makeup?

– I adore my Maybelline New York mascara … it’s the best one I have ever had and it lasts for a long time and is a deep black colour.

10. Is blogging anything like you imagined?

– NO…. It’s SOOOOOOOOOOOO much better than I could have ever imagined!!!

Some Girl And A Blog

1,If you had to dye your hair any colour what would it be?

– PINK!!!! my mum wont let me though!

2, If you could have any animal as a pet what would it be?

– A PUGGGGGGGGGGG ….. I’m so desperate for one its unbelievable!!!

3. Relating to number 2 what would you call your pet?

– Girl Nala because my sisters cat was called that and then it died and also because of the lion king and because of Zalfies dog!!!

– Boy Prince in relation to like every Disney movie with a prince hahaha

4. If you could have any superpower what would it be?

– Imortality ….

5. You have to create your own food, what is it and what is it called?

– It would be a never ending packet of crisps called WOW!

6. What is your favourite book?

^^answered already^^

7. What is your favourite film?

^^answered already^^

8. Your stuck on an island what one item would you want with you?

– My iPad so I could communicate with people, watch YouTube and play games!!!

9. Look up from your screen, spin round 3 times, open your eyes what is the first thing you see?

-My Doctor Who 2015 wall calender!!!

10. What is your most used app at this moment?

– WordPress!! and the worlds most irritating game Pirate Kings … i have a love hate relationship with that game!!!

11. What is your favourite quote?

– “Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius, and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous, than absolutely boring” – Marilyn Monroe …. she was such a cool woman!!!

My Nominations

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My Nominations Questions

1. Name 5 of your favourite Makeup products?

2. Bath or shower?

3. Do you have a pet?

4. What one thing could you not live without?

5. Favourite holiday destination ?

6. What are you most obsessed with? ( a TV show or film or an app or any random thing )

7. Celebrity crush?

8. If you could be any body in the world who would you be?

9. Favourite colour?

10. What’s the last book you read?

11. What’s the best and worst thing about blogging?

There you go!!! If you have already been nominated sorry and you don’t need to do it if you don’t want to and thanks again to everyone who nominated me!!! I know I probably didn’t have to answer ALL those questions but it was really fun and I’m so thankful to have been nominated by so many people! Hope you didn’t find it too boring! 🙂

I think my next post is going to be a lush review or a ‘Favourite Youtubers Tag’ or a Yankee candle haul!!! So stick around to find out!!!

I have decided my day for uploading will be every Monday and this is a reasonable schedule for the amount of work I have to do for school … So next Monday you all will have another exciting post!


Fangirling Owl



Why No Posts This Week?

Hey! – Soooooo ….. What’s not been happening to me this week 😣

Basically this week there has been LOTS of tests at school and things I needed to memorise and revise for and a really personal family thing that was hard and upsetting so I have had no time at all to write any posts this week.

I promise to all 130 of you that in this next week I will have at least 2 posts ranging from Liebster Awards, High Street Haul, New Makeup reviews, Lush Unicorn Bubble Bar Review, Luxury Wishlist, Top 10 Favourite YouTubers and A Yankee Candle post!!!!!

I’m really excited to get back into writing and I hope you all understand how hard things can get sometimes!


Fangirling Owl


This or That Tag!

I was tagged to do the “This or That Tag” by the amazing BeautyBooksBubsandMe! You should check her awesome blog out! So here goes … I hope you enjoy!


Blush or Bronzer?
– Bronzer I’m soo pale … I don’t think I could live without it!! Besides my checks are already pink enough it’s annoying! 😁

Lipgloss or Lipstick?
– I like Lipstick because Lipgloss can be really sticky and doesn’t last long but lipsticks are more likely to be moisturising and last all day!

Eyeliner or Mascara?
– Mascara because I’m rubbish at eyeliner so it would love life without it 😂 plus mascara iz so fun to put on 🙈

Foundation or Concealer?
– Foundation is my literal life it hides all the things I want hidden and I rarely use concealer … the foundation I use (rimmel wake me up) is gorgeously shinny and makes my face brighter so I have to say foundation!

Neutral or Colour Eyeshadow?
– Neutral … I love bronze colours on my eyes I like it suits my eye colour and skin tone! I also like doing a smokey eye with blacks and slivers though!! But, I would like to be braver when it comes to colour on my eyes … maybe I will this spring/summer … you never know 😄

Pressed or loose eyeshadow?
– Pressed … I think loose is to fiddly and looks weird on my eye lids 😉


OPI or China Glaze?
– I’m guessing these brands are American because I haven’t heard of them … My favourite polish is BarryM or Essie though 😜

Long or Short Nails?
– I love long nails soo much!

Acrylic or Natural?
– Natural 100% … acrylics have the tendancey to ruin your nails so I will stick to natural thanks!😜

Bright or Dark?
– BRIGHT … pinks or purples or reds are my favourite!

Flower or no flower?
– I don’t like to fuss over my nails I just like them plain so ko flower


Perfume or Body Spray?
– Perfume I love Flash by Jimmy Choo it smells amazing!!!

Lotion or Body Butter?
– Body Butter especially the soap and glory one it makes you feel like silk!!! 😍

Body Wash or Soap?
– Body wash they smell nicer and if you drop it you can actually pick it up in the shower without chasing a bar of soap around!! 😂

LUSH or Other bath companies?
– Lush there’s no other company that comes anywhere close to how good Lush is!!! I live the bubble bars and bath bombs and desperately want to try thier face mask!!!! 😻


Jeans or Sweat Pants?
– I HATE JEANS!!!! yeah not a fan … I think the put you in unnecessary discomfort … jogy bottoms as I call them aren’t flattering and I only own one pair of them …. I LIVE IN LEGGINGS!!! they are my life and I’m proud …. They are comfy and come in pretty patterns! 😁

Long or short sleeves?
– Both depends on the weather ☺

Dresses or skirts?
– I love dresses so much I have a lot of them and wear them all the time but Skirts annoy me so I have less of them

Stripes or Plaid?
– Stripes definitely I love white and navy stripe together I think they are really cute 🙂 – Plus, I don’t think I can rock the Plaid look 😛

Flip Flops or Sandals?
– Sandals all the way because they are comfier and look nicer … With flip flops the bit in between your toes annoys me sooo much!!

Scarves or hats?
-I’m obsessed with scarves … I have far too many!!!! They are just the best part of any outfit…. And come to think of it… I don’t own a hat!

Studs or dangly earrings?
– *** don’t be made okay*** I don’t have my ears pierced!!!! … I’m just not into poking holes in my body to but metal into all right!!

Necklaces or Bracelets?
– I go through phases where I like one and not the other I love sparkly brackets most of the time though – but if the necklace has an Owl on it I’m ALL over that in a split second!!! 😂

Jackets or Hoodies?
– Hoodies are soo comfy so I wear them when I go ‘food shopping’ (to Tesco or Asda) or when I take my dog for a walk but I usually wear jackets when I go out properly school or to the high street etc 😁


Curly or Straight?
-Naturally wavey … so I like to straighten it but then I also LOVE to curl it and get it back to how curly it was when I was younger!!!

Bun or ponytail?
– Ponytail when I do my hair I’m never awake enough to concentrate on doing a bun!! 😋

Bobby Pins or Butterfly Clips?
-Bobby Pins they are ALLWAYS a life saver! … but also a pain in the but cause I find mine everywhere … around my room, in my bag and all around the house in unexpected drawers or corners!!! … Please tell me I’m not the only one?!?!

Hair Spray or Hair Gel?
-None… but sometimes if I’m adventurous and do a fancy ‘up do’ I will use hair spray

Long or Short hair?
-Very long and I love it!!!

Light or dark?
– My hair is light blonde with ombre ends so it’s even more light there … So definitely light is my favourite!!! 😄

Side sweep or Full on bangs?
-No ‘fringe’ or side parting … I have a middle parting so I guess that’s not any of those 😜

Up or Down?
My hair looks best when it’s down and that’s when I love it but if I can’t be bothered with it up is allways my friend!!


Rain or Shine?
-Shine!!! No questions asked! 🙅🌞👍

Summer or Winter?
-i think I would have to say summer because we get a massive holiday from school, it’s the only time the weather is decent in Scotland and I get to go on holiday with my family – BUT Winter has Christmas and my birthday soooooo that’s a really hard question 😹 – BOTH!!!

Autumn or Spring?
-Neither!!!! because nothing at all happens in Autumn or Spring I think it should just be Summer than Winter because there’s hardly any difference between them now! Summers like Spring and Winters like Autumn!!!

Chocolate or Vanilla?
-You can’t be chacolate … literally anything chocolate flavoured is the best … like cake, actual chocolate, ice cream and ven beauty products that smell of chocolate are awesome!!!


Sooooooo there you go!!!! That was actually really fun!!! I hoped you liked that! – I’m not playing by the rules(like the rebel I clearly am! 😈- not 😜) so I tag ALL of my followers who have not already done this to do it!!! Thanks a lot for reading this – hope you had a nice weekend and feel free to air your thoughts in the comments bellow!

Don’t forget to give this a like and me a follow!

And a final thanks to 110 people out there – thank you so much for following!


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I just wanted to tell you all that I just reached 100 followers and I’m stunned!

I don’t know how this happened but I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart and I hope this blog will continue for a long time because it’s allready made me feel so much happier!

I’m shocked at how soon this happened I’ve only had this blog for one week and the amount of followers I have got in that small space of time is CRAZY!!!!

Thanks for all the positive feedback and lovely comments they mean so much to me!

So here’s one last thank you to every single one of that 100 people from all over the world!


Fangirling Owl


What’s in my make up bag?

Hello there beautiful people! See that caught your attention – today’s post if you didn’t get it from the title is a “What’s in my makeup bag!” So here goes – hope you enjoy! 😸

Make-up Bag


  • As you can see I use the ‘Zoella Guinea Pig Make-Up Bag’, which you can get from Superdrug (UK) for only £8.
  • I love this because its soo cute and fits everything I need perfectly!
  • Plus its pink – so what’s not to love!?!?



Rimmel London / Wake Me Up Foundation /                               201 Classic Beige / £8

  • This is my all-time favourite foundation … its just bloody brilliant! It has great coverage and is easy to put of with my wee brush which (I’m not even going to lie) is from Primark for £1 (Its actually really good okay!)
  • What i love about this foundation is that it has little bits of gliitter in it so it leaves your face looking refresshed and glowing – And I think the price is great for what you get!!!
  • I need this some mornings to make me actually look awake because you all know what its like to be up late studying (ha! cough*** watching Netflix***cough) and when you get up you look like a walking zombie! – so for these occasions this is a lifesaver!



Rimmel London / Hide The Blemish Concealer /                      004 Natural Beige / £4

  • I’m not usually too fussy when it comes to concealer but lately I’ve been sticking to this same one and I’ve went thorough a lot ( an unspeakable amount) this is actually one I’m about to throw out because I’ve completely used it all and desperately need to buy more!!!
  • It does exactly what i want it too – hides my spots and tiny bit under the eyes makes those dark circles gone!
  • As you can tell I like Rimmel London – and apparently my skin tone is beige!



2True / All Over Natural Bronzing Powder / Shimmering Bronze / £2.29

  • This is Superdugs’ own brand of cosmetics … Not going to lie I have had better bronzer’s (like ones from Avon or Bourjois) – the only reason I have this is because my old Bourjois chocolatey one ran out and I “borrowed this one from my mum” and have just never bothered to give it back! But the brush is so light and fluffy and applies it really well! (I have no idea where the brush is from sorry)
  • BUT I actually do like this – if your looking for a cheaper version of the more expensive bronzer’s this is perfect as it gives you a nice colour and is great all over your face to make you tanned..
  •  The good thing is it doesn’t make you look orange or like an “Oompa-Loompa” ( from Charlie And The Chocolate Factory ) unlike some other bronzer’s! Also the suntanned look it gives you doesn’t fade throughout the day ( which is surprising from such a cheap product ) – so that’s probably why I haven’t bothered to give it back to my mum!!!


20150306_180233 1

Makeup Revolution London / Sculpt &                                          Contour Kit / £4

  • This is also from Superdrug and its THE best thing I have ever used – in the palette the colours look really strange but when they go on your skin the bronzer is perfection ( I only use this one for contouring not for all over my face ), the blusher is a gorgeous pinky dusky rose colour and it brings out your natural rosiness in the apples of your checks and the highlighter is brilliant, its a bright shimmering white that reflects the light spectacularly!
  • I don’t believe you need to spend hundreds on make-up for it to be good quality because everything in my make-up bag is less than £10 but they do the job – really well even if I don’t say so myself and this is a prime example of this!
  • Also you don’t even need a lot on the little brush provided (which is also really good and gets right in to where you want it to go) so this will last you a long time! – 100% recommend this!


20150306_172138 (2)

Maybelline New York / The Colossal GO EXTREME! Volum’ / Black Waterproof / £7

  • BEST MASCARA I HAVE EVER OWNED – that’s pretty much all I have to say!!!!!
  • (Ooookkaay calm down…) Its really good … (***just breath***) … its not clumpy or have that awful smell that some mascaras do – plus the wand is really cool its designed to double the length and volume of your lashes and it doesn’t half do that job!! – If you are in need of a new mascara you must get this!



Avon / Super Extend Liquid Eye Liner / Black / £6.50

  • This is the first eye liner I ever bought and i will never buy any other! its is just perfect the pen is great for doing the normal line of your top and bottom lashes but its also amazing for doing “winged” eye liner.
  • The colour is jet black and doesn’t fade it dries super quick and doesn’t smudge.
  • Also I left it open without its lid accidentally one night and it had not dried up which I was soo happy about (don’t know if that’s an actual selling point or if it was just luck!!!)

Eye Shadow

Makeup Revolution London / Eye Shadow Palette / Naked / £7

Makeup Revolution London / Eye Shadow                                  Palette / Naked / £7

  • This is such a great palette because it has all the colours that I love to use and these is a large amount of eye shadow provided so it will take a while to run out! Plus its so cheap for 12 shades!!!
  • The best thing is the colours are super pigmented and it comes with some matt shades and some glittery
  • It is so versatile because it comes with nude shades for a natural day look and really dark shades for a smoky evening look – this is a smaller version of a massive palate that I own which has around 150 shades in it which if this gets 20 likes I will do a review and swatches or an eye makeup look using it!!!

Lip Glosses


Bourjois Paris / 3D Effect Lip Gloss / 05 / £8

  • I genuinely adore this lip gloss my reasons are; make my lips look fuller, the colour is a gorgeous salmony peachy but natural looking pinky shade, it is super glittery, it doesn’t leave my lips feeling sticky or irritated and it really does stay on your lips for exactly how long you need it to – which usually is for a whole day
  • The packaging is to die for!!! (I just want to leave it out in my room so everyone can appreciate its beauty!!!)
  • Overall, it make my lips look and feel sooo nice!!! And the price is brilliant for the product you get!
20150306_180838 1

Tanya Burr Lip Gloss / Exotic Island / £7

  • If you read my last post you will know I have Tanya’s nail polish in Little Duck but I said her lip glosses are much better and this us why; its a gorgeous bright pink shade, the duffel applicator is so soft and makes it simple to apply, it leaves your lips moisturised and super shiny and it doesn’t leave your lips sticky
  • It also smells like your favourite summers day perfume and easily makes your lips the focal point of your make up look
  • BUT like a lot of lip products its downfall is disappearing when you eat and drink and it becomes very transparent looking and like you’ve put it on really badly – but the good points out way this negative!


20150306_175555 1

Avon / Extra Lasting Lipstick / Pink Perfection / £7.50

  • The colour is a a bright shiny pink it is my ultimate favourite lipstick because it stay on ALL day even if you eat or drink and it feels soo soft on my lips and makes them look so perfect!
  • it smells so fruity and is great for so many occasions – I have worn it out for a birthday party and I have even worn it for school
  • This is definitely something I will be repurchasing again and again – there is also dozens of shades which I will also need to try out! And at this price I will easily be able to do so!!!

Maybelline New York / Super Stay 14hr Lipstick / 510 Non-Stop Red / £7

  • This lipstick is out to fool everyone!! It looks closer to a dark pink shade BUT it is a spectacular bright red it is a more than gorgeous colour!!!
  • I bought it for a Halloween costume a few years ago ( I know at this point you will be screaming at your digital device wonder what I was …. Soo I may as well tell you … I was Minnie Mouse okayyy!!!) and it was perfect so I couldn’t stop using it so I have had to repurchase it many times!
  • This has the best smell out of all the lipsticks i have and have ever had ….. To me it smells like strawberries but not normal strawberries it smells like a super sweet and juicy summery strawberry that makes you want to eat your own lips!!!



EOS Lip Balm / Strawberry Sorbet / £4

  • Yes I know this is not make up buuttt I physically cant leave the house with out one of these lip balms … my lips are soo dry all the time and these help stop that! This is one of my favourite flavours (idk) it smells really sweet and fruity but not sickly sweet.
  • It feels so refreshing and moisturising but the best part is the fact that its not oily like Vaseline is because I HATE that sticky feeling Vaseline gives you! This has soo many benefits for your lips and that’s why I love it!
  •  And how can you argue with the design of the product/packaging … it look like an egg … the lip balm is round … and you put the round thing round your lips …. and of course as usual it all boils down to the fact its PINK!

Hand Cream


Soap & Glory / Hand Food / £5

  • Yes …again its not make up but it can live without this with me at all times … its amazing!!! It smells fantastic to me this smell reminds me of hundreds of years ago where woman has musky perfume on that smells like lavender and rose as its such a classic and timeless smell!
  • It leaves your hands soft and smelling good for a long time and the best part I it doesn’t make your hands really oily and greasy!
  • The funny thing is when I go out and have to take a smaller bag instead of my hand bag the thing I worry about is it the bag will fit my hand cream in it … rather than worrying if it will fit my phone, keys or purse!!!!!!

There you go!! Hope you enjoyed that this is the most time I have spent on a post and I hope its worth it!! I really enjoyed writing this so I hope you enjoy reading it!

Tomorrow I will be doing the “This or That Tag” as I was kindly tagged by ‘BeautyBooksBubsandMe’, so stick around for that!

PLUS – I’m sooooooooooo close to 100 followers in less than one week so if you could help me get there today I might have to pinch myself in case I’m dreaming this first week of blogging has actually been the best week ever!!! I feel like I have made friends in this lovely wee community you all have here that I have been welcomed into!

So if you enjoyed this please like, comment and follow me – I love to hear your thoughts so feel free to share your make up bag must haves in the comments bellow!


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Top 5 Spring Nail Polishes!

Hey guys!

I decided to do a little Spring nail polish favourites and mini review of each polish I choose as my first beauty related post. So I hope you like it!!!

Number 1:

BarryM / Gelly Hi-Shine / Fondant 450

BarryM / Gelly Hi-Shine / Fondant 36

I absolutely love this nail polish, the colour is gorgeous and I find that BarryM’s brushes are really good quality meaning its easy to apply and only needs one coat for good coverage and if you want to be picky two coats is perfection! This is great for the spring season as the colour is so subtle yet striking – I would say its a pinky purple shade that is super glossy and shiny just like the name suggests! The cherry on the cake for this polish is the price at only £3.99!  A definite 5/5 from me!

Number 2:

Rimmel London I heart lasting finish - your majesty 239

Rimmel London / I heart lasting finish / Your Majesty 239

This a an extraordinary colour (not even kidding) sometimes when you look at it its definitely silver but then other times its sooo gold – I love it!!! Also, it is really good for not chipping so it lasts for a good week or so. I think I will definitely be wearing this in spring because it is bold and girly and will go with everything I wear. Again this is  so inexpensive at £2.99! Finally, the only downside to this cheep price is the packaging because I dropped it once onto my carpeted floor and the plastic top cracked slightly … but ya know we can live with that because its so freakin’ pretty!! So its a 4/5 for that reason

Number 3:

Tanya Burr / Little Duck

Tanya Burr / Little Duck

Firstly I’m going to say how amazing it is that Tanya has her own range of cosmetics *** Round of Applause*** and now mention how stunning the shade is!! I mean look its so bright and glossy … yeah I love it a little too much. But … its not cheap or really expensive at £5.99 but the thing is the brush is terrible and I would have expected a better one since the polishes at half of this price have really good ones! I don’t mean to be picky but for me the formula is far too runny so its hard to apply! So for these reasons its a 3/5 but I still LOVE it!!! (sorry Tanya! – your lip glosses are much better)

Number 4;

BarryM /Speedy / Quick Dry  / Pit Stop 450

BarryM / Speedy / Quick Dry / Pit Stop 6

I have been searching everywhere for a colour like this for nearly a year and I bought this about two weeks ago and I’m not kidding the wait was well worth it!!! The shade is a really light but bright grey and as the name suggest it dies in a split second. Which is great but also not so great, as sometimes I’ve just started to put it on my nail and for me this means one line down the middle, and then I get distracted or fumble with the brush in the bottle, and when I go to finish my nail, the first line of polish is in the stage before its totally dry, when if other polish touches it, it will wrinkle and go all lumpy which is so annoying! (** and breath ** that was a bloody long sentence!) But I can deal with that because it literally doesn’t chip I’ve had it on for a week now and its still not chipped! This is another steal at only £3.99. So, overall it gets a 4/5!

Number 5:

20150304_175721 (1)

Rimmel London / Lycra Pro / Professional Finish / Fancy Fushia 295

Finally, you cant have a nail polish favourites without a pink shade … I mean is that even legal!? If you didn’t read my last post which I don’t know why you wouldn’t have … because come on it was amazing (*** At this point I hope sarcasm is clear on the internet because if not .., you should all know I’m not that bighead!***) … as I was saying you would now that my ultimate favourite colour is pink soooo that’s why I had to include one pink, and this one is the best one I have as its super bright and it says it has an anti-fade system (on the back of the bottle) which is clear as it stay as bright for over a week and doesn’t start to chip till this point either!! It costs £5.99, which is probably why it has the best brush by far, as its wide and the “bristles” (idk) are close together so its easy to apply and for perfect application one coat is more than enough (you know here the word coat has nothing to do  with an item of clothing … I mean its your choice you can put more than one coat on whilst giving yourself a manicure but that would be pretty strange! (just to let you know I’m a really sarcastic person so expect strange comments like that – sorry if that’s not your thang) For me this is a clear 5/5 just for the colour never mind all the other great aspects!

So there you go hope you enjoyed that little insight into my world of nail polishes and the strange thoughts that go around in my head! If you have any nail polish recommendations feel free to comment them down below as well as if you liked this kind of post. Don’t forget to give this a like if you like it and give me a follow if your a stalker. (there’s that sarcasm again)

That’s all for now but the last thing I want to say is how grateful I am to 53 wonderful people out there who hit the follow button in the space of four days that number is mental to me!!!

Also, I hope my pictures are okay I just used my phone to take them so please tell me how they are in the comments below.

BTW. – I haven’t really figured out a schedule for my post updates yet, so at the minute its whenever I’m not drowning under homework or watching Pretty Little Liars which I started last night which was such a bad mistake because now I’m totally addicted!! But I will try set out specific regular days for posting, next week!

Thank you all for reading this, liking and following me!


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The Fun Questions Tag!

So for my first proper bloggy blog post I thought I would do a tag so you guys can get to know me a little bit better!

So here goes …

Tag:Fun Questions

1) When is your birthday?

  • January 3rd 1999

2) What are 3 of your favourite colours? 

  • My ultimate favourite HAS to be pink, then turquoise and purple!

3) What are your 3 favourites quotes?

  • “Today you are you, that is truer than true, There is no one alive who is you’re than you!” – Dr. Seuss 
  • “The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination” – Albert Einstein 
  • “Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius, and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous, than absolutely boring” – Marilyn Monroe 
  • I think each of these quotes are equally ‘deep’ in thier own kind of way -I think they all really say be you and that’s all that matters!!! 


4) Are you addicted to YouTube?

  • HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! NO!!! ……. Well … Actually …. Yes! Fine it’s really bad I no but my day is not complete without watching YouTube videos!! 😅😂 – I know this will be the same for lots of you!?!?

5) What are 3 of your favourite shows on TV?

  • The Vampire Diaries, In The Flesh (if you have not seen this you must!! – its so sad!!) and Doctor Who! I’m a whovian and I’m proud 😜

6) What are 3 qualities do you like in a best friend?

  • Emm …. They have to be kind, open minded and have some of the same interests as I do! I’ve made the mistake of being friends with someone who was the exact opposite kind of person as me … It didn’t end well!

7) Do you like your name? 

  • Yes! Most people probably would say that they didn’t like their own name but I like thinking that my mum choose that name for new born baby me!! – that sounds weird but I think you will understand what I mean 😂😝

8) If you have the choice to pick your own name, what will it be?

  • I really like the names Alexandra or Jessica – I just think they are really pretty and … This will sound stupid but they are “nicknameble” (easy to give you a nickname like Alex etc.) and my name is not but all my friends names are and I think I’m missing out on something good!! 😂😂😆😆

9) What is your fantasy dream?

  • For my favourite TV shows, films and books to come to life and for me to be able to jump in and out of them and have different lives in each and be friends with my favourite characters in them!!! I would love to go into Sherlock and be friends with him or go into The Vampire Diaries and fall in love with Damon! And these would not be weird because the charters would be real and you wouldn’t be thought of as “insane” or “weird” …. Yeah I’ve thought into that far to much!!! Let me dream okay!?! Don’t judge me 😂


10) Do you wear makeup?

  • Yes! As often as I can, to be honest, I rarely wear makeup to school though because it takes to long and nobody at school actually cares if you look ‘nice’ – What I mean is I don’t think you need makeup to look ‘nice’ all the time – for special occasions or days out I like to wear makeup as I love the feeling it gives you but I don’t need it to make me confident! (preach it sista!!! 😆😆😋😋)


11) If you could write a book, what would the title be and what would it be about?

  • It would probably be a murder mystery or a dystopian world or a love story kind thing … so it would be called something like … “Forgotten Tomorrow”
  • It would be about a girl who is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and is the youngest person ever to be diagnosed with it. It would basically be about her finding true love then having to tell him she has Alzheimer’s and it would be about they’re struggles and how true love conquers all!(mentally throws up at the gooey lovey dovey nonsense) But yeah … He sticks with her till she forgets everything and then spoliler alert she dies – yup happy I know 😜

12) What makes you cry?

  • Sad films like The Fault In Our Stars or Harry Potter when Dobby died! 😭 Or when someone evil like Steven Moffat kills of your favourite character in a film or TV show or book

13) What makes you angry?

  • Horrible, nasty people who judge others, are rascist or participate in any other form of derogatory behaviour – wither it be towards sexuality, wieght or gender!

14) What makes you happy?

  • Seeing my neice and nephew and being with my friends and family!! Plus watching YouTube videos allways makes me happy after a bad day!

15) What is “Fangirling?”

  • fan, (usualy female) especially one who is obsessive about comics, film/TV, music, a fictional character or an actor/actress/singer/band . 
  • This usually involves losing the ability to breath when they wittness their particular obsession and buying anything and everything related to their  obsession – a.k.a – me!!! 

16) What are your 3 favorites snacks?

  • Strawberries🍓, Crisps and anything involving cheese!!! 

17) What are your 3 favourite foods?

  • Spaghetti Bolognesse, Cheese Pizza🍕 and I’m not even going to lie … Cake 🎂 😋

18) What are your 3 favourite drinks?

  • Water – strawberry flavour, a Slushi and tea!

19) Can you tell us a little about yourself?

  • Ummm …. Sooo…. Me ….. I’m a 16 year old girl from Scotland who does soo many extra curricular activities that I consider procrastinating to be my closet thing to a hobby – if that wasn’t clear I don’t take part in many “hobbies” I like to do things that invole not leaving my house – like Netflix and reading and baking – I don’t think that makes me a bad person!? 😁 I’m in my second last year of high school and I can’t wait for it to be over!! I used to be certain I wanted to go to university to study international business but now in not so sure I would like to do something more enjoyable but I don’t t know how to find a career that is right for me – I have a dog called Holly and I like to talk … a lot … that’s why some of the answers I’m giving go on for so long 😝😝 seems like I didn’t pay attention to the word little in this question 😂 Lastly ( I promise ) I really love all things beauty and fashion related! 👠👗💄💕

20) What are 10 random facts about you?

  • I’m obsessed with owls and pugs and emojis!!!
  • I have massive anxiety issues – but ya know c’est la vie!!!
  • I want to have my own business
  • I’d love this blog to be successful
  • I LOVE children – not in a creepy way I mean I really want to have kids 😆
  • I love getting perfumes but I’m really scared to use them incase they run out
  • I have a huge addiction to pretty notebooks .. Actually almost any kind of notebook to be honest!!!
  • I have way too many books that I will never get the chance to read 😢
  • I’m ashamed to say it but I had an obsession with loom bands and now after the hype about them has ended I’m left with a huge box filled with thousands of them … that will probably never see the light of day again!
  • Finaly, I love buying clothes and shoes and bags and scarves and makeup even though I know I don’t need any more!!!! My room is full of these things yet I consisteently purchase more … It’s an addiction … I need help! 😂

21) What are your 3 fun things to do?

  • Watch YouTube videos – obviously 💁
  • Read books – which due to that awful thing called school i rarely have time for right now 😓
  • Take ‘Lush‘ baths –  I’m in love with the unicorn horn bubble bar and the twilight bath bomb!!!

Ta da!!! 

** takes a huge sigh of relief ** 

Done ✔️

That was so fun I dare one of you to do that tag – I hope this wasn’t too long and boring I just thought it would be a good post to start off with – What do you think??

My next post will be beauty related or photo related – so stick around for that!!!

Thank you for reading, feel free to air your thoughts in the comments below and if you have any advice on what my next post should be – your thoughts  would be much appreciated!! 

P.s. – Please if your reading this give me a follow big virtual hugs available if you do!! And for those 11 people who allready follow me THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!! 

P.p.s – Honestly, I never expected 1 person to even read my blog never mind think it’s good enough to hit the follow button … So thanks again xxx

Well I guess that’s all for now …


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Hello … Umm … Heeelllooo is anyone there!??!

Well what can I say…

I’ve decided to start a blog.

As you can see.


Well right now things in my life are … How do I put this …” Interesting ” … Yeah I guess that sums it up! 😆

In my family theres up and coming weddings and a new baby. Plus, in school this is one of – if not THE – most important year of my high school career; I’m in fifth year – which is the year before the year you leave for college or university – and what qualifications I get this year define what I can do next year – my last year :twisted::oops:😱 – so yeah my stress levels are HIGHHHH 😥😋

Also in this year of school I’m going on lots of exciting adventures – going to the theatre, going camping, and going to London!!! Just to name a few!

All of these exciting and not so exciting personal life stuff will be documented here in order to get stuff off my chest which I think will help my anxiety and panic attacks … yeah your right another teen with anxiety issues jeeezzzo … Along with fashion and beauty pilled on top – talking about what I buy, reviewing what I buy and other awesome things! 😁

Here I can talk about all the things happening in my life and hopefully someone … Anybody … Can join in! With advice or to take my advice or to just be apart of my corner of the internet! I’d like to call it my “internet support group”. ( any danisnotonfire fans – I swear I’m not stealing his thing 😜)

I want this to be a genuine place where us girls – and boys – can REALY be ourselves- without being judged or put down by anyone for just being who we are!!! I will also post photos here because I’m OBSESSED with photography – I don’t know if I’m any good at it; I guess you can be the judge of that!

Finally I will also be talking about my favourite fandoms, TV shows – like The Vampire Diaries – and films – Like The Hunger Games & The Fault In Our Stars – as well as anything Marvel and DC related!!!!

Soooooo if you are interested please follow me to keep updated with my blog posts – which I will try to do once a week – and I hope what I say on here can help at least one person and that people will enjoy reading it!

Well… I guess that all for now. Thanks for reading – that means soooo much to me!!! ( if anyone has been reading that is!) Feel free to air your comments below on how you think my first attempt at a blog post went or with any ideas of what my next post should be!


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